Program «Frigate Ecojet»

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Frigate Ecojet program is the development of a new wide-body medium haul civil aircraft using a brand new integral aerodynamic and design configuration in accordance with the requirements made for the next generation aircraft.

The primary goal of Frigate Ecojet program is the development of a competitive range of new wide-body medium haul aircraft «Frigate Ecojet» based on a fundamentally new, innovative aerodynamic and structural design. The new aircrafts’ integrated efficiency is 15–20% higher compared to the existing 2010 version of the aircraft.

Frigate Ecojet is the niche product in the contemporary passenger air transportation market. The product is focused on the 3000-4000 km range segment of air transportation. The operation of wide-body aircraft is viewed as effective in this range. At the moment, more than 56% of flights on average with a range of less than 3000 km are operated by wide-body long haul aircraft. In some regions of the world this share is much higher.