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Ecojet promises economy with three aisles
15 October 2010

Some Russian engineers have come up a design which they think could be the world’s most efficient airliner. 
Dubbed “Eco-jet”, this twin-engined transport would seat between 280 and 350 passengers in a wide, ovoid fuselage – reminiscent in shape to designs proposed for the Airbus A3XX over a decade ago. 
With a fuselage cross-section which is considerably wider than the Airbus A330/A340 or Boeing 777, the Eco-jet would accommodate three-aisle cabin layouts with seats 10-abreast, or 11-abreast in a high density arrangement.
According to data shown to delegates at the Wings of Russia International Aviation Forum in Moscow this week, the Eco-jet would be able to fly a payload of 200 passengers 3,350 nm., or 352 passengers around 1,100nm.
Perhaps if the Eco-jet’s engineers can secure funding, they could develop the purpose-built airliner for the world’s low-cost airlines that they so crave?