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Full scale cooperation begins between TSAGI and Rosaviaconsortium on «Frigate Ecojet» program
26 September 2010

June 25, 2010 — Zhukovsky — On June 23, 2010 a meeting took place, aimed at the development of cooperation between Zhukovsky Central Hydroaerodynamic Institute (TsAGI) and JSC Rosaviaconsortium on the next-generationwide body short/medium-haulaircraft «Frigate EcoJet».
During the project presentation, participants have noted the prospects and innovativeness of the project, as well as possibilities of undertaking it with minimal technical risks. Based on the fundamentally new, innovative aerodynamic and structural design, Frigate EcoJet may take the niche of popular Soviet Ilyushin Il-86 aircraft and the Airbus A300.
In May 2010 TsAGI had reached a positive conclusion on the Frigate EcoJet technical proposals, underlining solid technical foundations of the project. It was preceded by complex work of the project team on the research and «fine-tuning» of the project for existing airline route networks. During the meeting chaired by Boris Aleshin, TsAGI General Director, the project was recommended for inclusion in the UAC product range and the «Civil Aircraft Development up to 2030» program after additional research.
The meeting was concluded with the decision to organize full cycle of R&D and design work in 2011–2012 and to create a joint workgroup in order to develop a general agreement on the cooperation between TsAGi and Rosaviaconsortium on the Frigate EcoJet program up to 2017. Besides, the parties have agreed to use the Frigate EcoJet program as a platform to implement the innovative solutions and new technologies developed by the Russian aircraft industry.
According to Roman Surinov, Rosaviaconsortium Chairman of the Board, the project is based on the R&D and design work on the «integral aerodynamic scheme» civil aircraft conceptual design financed by Rosaviaconsortium during the past decade. «The project developed by our design bureau headed by Professor Valentin Klimov may result in large-scale economic benefits for the consumers, first of all the LCCs or hybrid business model airlines. According to our estimates, on some routes operation of this aircraft may result in 25–30% lower RPK costs compared to the current figures», says Roman Surinov.
Participants of the meeting included B. Aleshin, TsAGI General Director, Yu. Slyusar, assistant to the Minister of Industry and Trade, S. Chernyshev, TsAGI Executive Director, S. Lyapunov, TsAGI Deputy Director on Scientific Projects, G. Pavlovets, TsAGI advisor, R. Surinov, Rosaviaconsortium Chairman of the Board, A. Klimov, Rosaviaconsortium Deputy General Director and the head of Frigate EcoJet program,v. Chernousov, General Designer of Frigate EcoJet program.