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This is the Industry’s Newest Airplane, the Frigate Ecojet
19 February 2016

Will Kowall

Frigate Ecojet

We’d be willing to bet that nearly every single commercial flight you’ve ever been on (if not all of them) was aboard either an Airbus or Boeing plane. The 2 aircraft manufacturers basically dominate the industry, with Airbus ruling Europe and Boeing the US. But a savvy Russian upstart, Frigate Ecojet, wants in.

So what will Frigate Ecojet provide that Airbus and Boeing aren’t? Basically, commercial airplane can be split into 2 groups: wide body and narrow body planes. Wide body planes are designed to carry upwards of 250 passengers on long-haul flights, while narrow body planes hold under 200 passengers for short and medium distances. Frigate Ecojet is entering the market with a fresh concept, they’re catering to the rising demand for a plane that can hold as many people as a wide body aircraft but for the same distances as a narrow one.

Frigate Ecojet’s new design can swiftly fly around 350 passengers over 4,000-nautical miles, and features a unique curved fuselage that brings the standard look of an airplane to the future, while keeping weight far below aircrafts of similar capacities. The interior is generous, and appears to offer plenty of personal space while offering the tech amenities we’ve come to expect. Balls in your court, Airbus and Boeing.