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Rosaviaconsortium Establishes Company for Managing the Frigate Ecojet Program
01 July 2014

FPG Rosaviaconsortium has established a new legal entity Frigate Ecojet focusing on engineering works for a new generation aircraft. In particular, the new company will become a consolidated management hub for the project of the same name on all stages to the launch of the aircraft commercial operations.

“The Frigate Ecojet program has reached that stage where it needs new management structure and principles,” said Frigate Ecojet program Marketing Director Sergey Grachev. “LLC Frigate Ecojet was established to meet these needs. The new company will also act as a communication liaison with the investment community, actively searching for and attracting strategic investors to the program.”

The new entity has become a repository of all research results and technologies developed by FPG Rosaviaconsortium since 2009 and is projected to become a center of competency for the Frigate Ecojet program. Rosaviaconsortium is one of the shareholders of the new corporate structure. The company seeks to attract both Russian and foreign investors to develop capital.

Vasily Danilov has been appointed Frigate Ecojet CEO. Danilov has broad experience in the aircraft industry, project management, marketing and aircraft sales. Before joining Frigate Ecojet, Danilov served as advisor to president for marketing, sales and aftersales services at United Aircraft Corporation. Prior to this he worked as Deputy Governor of the Yaroslavl Region and Sales Director at NPO Saturn.

“Today the Frigate Ecojet project is entering a very important stage of its realization - the completion of concept development and launch of the design and construction phases,” said Danilov. “One of the first steps in this direction will be the establishment of an engineering center in Zhukovsky, in the Moscow region. The main objective of this center will be the execution and coordination of further design and integration activities.”

Another important initiative will include conducting a range of research:

  • - testing the full-scale fuselage section for durability in the given weight under conditions of internal pressure

  • - performing tests of the aircraft model in a cryogenic wind tunnel to determine performance parameters in conditions that most closely resemble actual flight conditions

The Frigate Ecojet company and program management is being supervised by a professional team with previous experience coordinating activities under the aegis of FPG Rosaviaconsortium. Depending on the objectives LLC Frigate Ecojet plans to involve Russian and international experts on various aspects and objectives of the upcoming works. The Frigate Ecojet headquarters are located in Moscow, Russia.