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“Frigate Ecojet” to be co-executor of Frigate Ecojet program
19 January 2012

“Frigate Ecojet” team has chosen "Interdepartmental Analytical Centre" to be the co-executor of the technical and economic assessment (TEA) of the “Frigate Ecojet” aircraft production program. 

The technical and economic assessment will be carried out according to industry standards as stipulated by the United Aircraft Corporation.

Market analysis, SBD Book, a book of assumptions and assessment of the balance sheet will all form part of the TEA in order to make a decision about the future viability of the “Frigate Ecojet".

Following on from the first phase of the project, an updated analysis of the aviation market for the "Frigate Ecojet" will be presented. Completion of the works is expected by September 2012.