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Ecojet Update
14 November 2017
Frigate Ecojet Swims Upstream
29 August 2017
Frigate Ecojet aircraft livery design
18 August 2017
PICTURE: Frigate Ecojet revised as four-engined design
16 August 2017
INTERVIEW: Frigate Ecojet team still enthusiastic about project
29 July 2017
Boeing’s NMA Poses Propulsion Puzzle For Engine Makers
02 June 2017
ANALYSIS: Where is the middle of the market?
12 May 2017


Happy Flow technology promises seamless airport experience for all
29 November 2016
Technologies That Will Shape The Future
24 November 2016
Problems Aerospace Still Has To Solve
09 September 2016
There is a MoM option that has nothing to do with Airbus or Boeing
01 August 2016
Analysis: What Airlines Want In Middle-of-Market (MOM) Aircraft
11 July 2016
Opinion: Is Commercial Aerospace Ripe For Disruption?
28 March 2016
Futuristisches Flugzeug mit viel Platz, Hybridantrieb und ohne Fenster
21 March 2016
New Tech-Jump in Aeronautics. Oval Shaped Planes as Logical Outcome.
20 March 2016
This is the Industry’s Newest Airplane, the Frigate Ecojet
19 February 2016
Will Russia’s New Airliner Concept Catch On?
16 February 2016
This Russian jet might just give Boeing and Airbus a run for their money
12 February 2016
Russia’s Frigate Ecojet: Can It Compete With Boeing and Airbus?
10 February 2016
Could Russia's Frigate Ecojet take on Airbus and Boeing?
09 February 2016
New Oval Hull Russian Aircraft
21 January 2016
Russland baut Flugzeug mit ovalem Rumpf – vielleicht sogar in Deutschland
20 January 2016


Frigate Ecojet Choosing Between Russia, Europe
26 August 2015
Frigate Ecojet: an alternative for ‘misused’ Western widebodies
13 August 2015
ANALYSIS: Frigate Ecojet takes airliner concept to new Europe base
12 August 2015
Assessment of the Prospects of Development of a Russian Wide-Body Aircraft. Article by Alexey Sinitskiy in the Air Transport Review Magazine

09 April 2015
The “Frigate Ecojet”: A New Wide-Body Middle-Range Aircraft With Oval Fuselage Cross-Section
24 March 2015
Second Stage of Aerodynamic Testing Frigate Ecojet Aitcraft has Launched
19 January 2015


Deharde completes Frigate Ecojet’s aerodynamic model #2 manufacture
01 December 2014
ANALYSIS: Frigate Ecojet plans its own Russian revolution
11 August 2014
Frigate Ecojet Launches Second Stage of Aerodynamic Testing in Germany
11 July 2014
Will Russia’s Ecojet fly off the drawing board?
06 July 2014
Rosaviaconsortium Establishes Company for Managing the Frigate Ecojet Program
01 July 2014
Russian medium-haul airliner project moving toward design freeze
03 June 2014


Russian Avia Consortium and the Exolus Group Expand Strategic Cooperation for Frigate Ecojet Program
18 September 2013
JSC "Rosaviaconsortium" with Flightglobal prepared the market overview report "Short medium-haul widebody airliner market 2013"
05 September 2013
TsAGI confirms high lift characteristics of Frigate Ecojet wing
31 July 2013
Russischer Wunderjet verspätet
09 July 2013
Windtunnel testing aims to refine Russian Ecojet
24 June 2013
Airflow research on the Frigate Ecojet model carried out at TsAGI
10 June 2013
Rosaviaconsortium Presents Frigate Ecojet Project Feasibility Report
03 June 2013
TsAGI sums up interim results of Frigate Ecojet project
19 April 2013
Executive Overview: Jane's All the World's Aircraft: Development & Production
08 March 2013


"Frigate Ecojet” was tested in takeoff and landing modes
28 August 2012
Neuer russischer Wunderjet
02 August 2012
TsAGI tested Frigate Ecojet
26 July 2012
The first test phase of the “Frigate Ecojet” completed successfully
18 July 2012
Russian Researchers Expect a Leap in Short-haul Efficiency
09 July 2012
ICF SH&E submits cost assessment of "Frigate Ecojet"
14 June 2012
Market analysis for “Frigate Ecojet”
21 May 2012
Beginning of the aerodynamic testing
16 April 2012
“Frigate Ecojet” to be co-executor of Frigate Ecojet program
19 January 2012


ICF SH&E is a partner of “Frigate Ecojet” program
20 December 2011
Frigate Ecoject program selects international pool of leading consultancies
20 November 2011
Frigate Ecoject team meets Zhukov in Skolkovo
07 November 2011
Frigate Ecoject management program concept approved
16 October 2011
Air conditioning and cabin pressure control systems for Frigate Ecojet completed
10 October 2011
Frigate Ecoject program appears in September issue of Polyot magazine
15 September 2011
Frigate Ecojet «lands» at MAKS
22 August 2011
Online Survey in Frames Frigate Ecojet Program Finalized
15 August 2011
Frigate Ecojet’s key decisions at MAKS 2011
12 August 2011
Rosaviaconsortium contracts IATA on the Frigate Ecojet program
21 June 2011


Ecojet promises economy with three aisles
15 October 2010
Full scale cooperation begins between TSAGI and Rosaviaconsortium on «Frigate Ecojet» program
26 September 2010
Russian researchers study elliptical-fuselage «EkoJet» concept
27 August 2010
Cooperation continues between UAC and Rosaviaconsortium on the «Frigate Ecojet» program
14 July 2010